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Kempston Academy

Subject Teams


Subject Area

Head of Faculty/Subject Lead

Subject Team


Mrs S Murray

Mrs S Murray (HoF English)

Ms N Holyoake (Reading Lead)

Mrs H Gray

Mrs E Brown (SLE)

Ms Sian Carter

Miss S Swift (HoY 7)

Mrs K Coakley (AHT)


Literacy (Yr 7 / 8) Speech and Language (Yr 9 rotation)

Ms N Holyoake

Mrs S Murray (HoF English)


Miss Z Adams (Aspen)



Mr C Abban

Mr S Iddrisu

(Assistant Principal)


Ms S Freebourn (Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs R Kanzaria

 (KS3 lead)

Mrs R Judge (SLE)

Mr C Chikwendu

Mr N Roula

Mr A Nassor



Mrs E Gregory


Mrs E Gregory (HoF Science)

Mrs K Haire (KS3 lead Science)

Mrs F Benga

Mr M Raza (SLE)

Mrs R Smiljanic (Technician)

Mrs K Ashman

Mr R Balogan

Mr S Riaz (HoY 8)


Mr D Allerton (Subject Lead History)



Mrs G Petronzi (History)

Mr G Ward (Assistant Head)

Mr S Sagnia (Associate Assistant Head)



Mr R Candlin (Subject Lead Geography) No

Mr D King (HoY 11)

Mr D Allerton

Mr G Coakley

Mrs H Cox-Fuggles


Philosophy & Ethics

Mr S Sagnia (Assistant Head)

Mr S Riaz (HoY 8)

Miss A Ajaz (Head of post 16)

Mr G Ward (Assistant Head)

Computing, IT and Business

Mr C Brotherston

Mr G Coakley (Tech for learning lead)

Mrs G Buckingham

Mrs C Ross

Mr R Earl (ICT Technician)



Mr G Fordham

Miss S Fuller (HoY 10)

Mr M Guest (HoY 9)

Ms H Cox-Fuggles (Behaviour lead KS3)

Mr Saunders

Mr R Candlin (Assistant Head)

Ms D Large (Assistant Head)

Mr S Riaz (HoY 8)

Mr M Williamson (PE Teaching Assistant - KS3 PE)

Mr H Dynes (Apprentice)



Mr A Buck (Head of Practical Subjects)

Mrs D Coman (Lead teacher of DT)


Miss D Smart

Mr K Molyneux (Technician)



Mrs L Lambert

Mrs K Coakley (AHT)

Ms C Mariani (Technician)

Hospitality, Food, Health and Social Care

Mrs J Tyler

Mrs J Miotk

Ms S Andrews

Mrs S Tanner (Technician)


Performing Arts

Miss J Walls (Head of Performing Arts)



Mr M Guest

Ms R Presland

Miss S Swift

Miss S Fuller

Mr B Rashid

Mr R Ram


Mr R Ram (Lead for Music)



Mrs J Cullis (Head of Languages)

Ms L Fivet


Ms R Presland