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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Kempston Academy

Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

"To explain the world around us!"

We do this by learning about scientific enquiry and how it changes in light of new evidence.

We teach pupils how to evaluate situations with objectivity, consider all evidence before formulating conclusions based on the best evidence available.

We identify the most important substantive concepts, anticipate and plan how to address misconceptions before breaking down the substantive concepts into their component parts.

We sequence the components, considering cognitive science to enable all pupils to form and build schemata for these important concepts.

We identify the disciplinary knowledge that underpins scientific enquiry and break these concepts down into their component parts to teach pupils the procedures that will enable them to advance their knowledge.

We teach pupils to pair disciplinary knowledge with the most appropriate models and scientific concepts and help pupils to foster the understanding that scientific enquiry is more than just practical work in the classroom; it is the application of this knowledge to the world around them.

We revisit concepts and procedures over time and give pupils more opportunities to practice and understand the importance of the big ideas in science.

We probe understanding and promote deeper thinking using ‘'why”? This ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to always think about why things happen. "Yes your answer was correct but tell me why". By not just accepting things, this is then applicable in all aspects of life..

We identify the fundamental knowledge that pupils need to know and learn and we assess these to identify any misconceptions or missing components.  

We use the outcomes of these assessments to further develop the curriculum and inform the course of first quality teaching in response to any misconceptions found.

We use materials designed to ensure curriculum coherence and review sequencing and curriculum construction so that improvements are made in light of the needs of pupils.

We have high expectations of pupils irrespective of their starting points and celebrate success at all levels to ensure that we are fully inclusive and all pupils become the best scientists they can be.