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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Kempston Academy

Pupil Premium

Our intent is to ensure that all students, regardless of background or prior attainment, are enabled to succeed and attain the grades/levels they need to successfully move onto the next stage of the education, work, or training. Through regular reviews of our provision, bespoke audits and working collaboratively e.g., within Challenge Partners, we aim to identify the aspects of our implementation that will best support the needs of all students with a particular focus on disadvantage.

We intend to ensure that student well-being, mental and physical health is addressed alongside a commitment to providing a strong academic curriculum which challenges and inspires all students.

We intend to ensure that there is sustainable equity as well as equality by recognising that each student has a different circumstance and by allocating the exact resources and opportunities needed so that all students can reach the right outcome.

We intend to ensure that we drive our intent through our 4 key areas; aspiration, nurture, collaboration, and success so that the strategies we outline are embedded in all practice for all students.

Pupil Premium Plan 2021-2022



Our 3 Year Strategy 

Intended Outcome

Success Criteria




To increase life choices by reducing the gap and improving the overall attainment and progress for disadvantaged students across all subjects. To increase the % of students taking a full EBACC curriculum.

P8, 9-5 and 9-4 outcomes for disadvantaged are in line with all other students. Targets against prior attainment are met and exceeded in English, Maths and Science. EBACC entries increase.

Targeted academic support.

Engage in collaborative work across others schools to enhance subject practice

All subjects taught by subject specialists

Enhance the provision of EBACC subjects

Increased uptake of EBACC subjects through options and curriculum design

To broaden student access to wider educational and cultural experiences/settings which influence their thinking, raise their aspiration and provide contexts for decision making.

Observations of learning and data from outcomes show students who can confidently make judgements and are socially and emotionally intelligent. The development of character is evident, behaviour, social media and friendship issues are reduced and rare. 

Use links with other institutions/employers to broaden student experiences

Increase extra-curricular trips, visits and residential opportunities (post-COVID)

Enhance the PDBW curriculum

Create opportunities for students to participate in and lead cross-school events in a range of subjects

Engage in the Brilliant Club and DofE

Extend participation in DofE

To increase access to high quality educational resources both in school and outside of school that enable students to engage at a level equivalent to their peers.

The quality of teachers / teaching and resources enables students to make sustained progress throughout their 5 years. Destination data shows students who can confidently compete with their peers. Their level of vocabulary and both written and spoken language shows depth and knowledge.

Development of Teacher expertise through CPD.

Develop reading, literacy and oracy across the curriculum

Increase student leadership and create opportunities for students to engage in public speaking