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Kempston Academy


At Kempston Academy we recognise that due to National Curriculum changes in Mathematics at KS2 our students are arriving with better formal methods for calculating than in previous years.

Our curriculum aims to complement these disciplined written skills with the development of flexible and adaptable mental strategies. This combined approach to calculation along with the ongoing discussion skills required when reasoning about mathematical decision making aims to develop our students into ambitious problem solvers who are continually developing in their procedural fluency.

Our intent is for students to recognise the worth of mathematical skill in all forms of decision making and problem solving thus making mathematics truly inclusive and accessible to all at their own level. Students develop their own logical thinking and use this knowledge and skill along with improved usage of technical vocabulary to reason their conclusions in all mathematical areas.

Developing true mathematical know-how supports all students in their ability to grow and succeed as individuals in a modern, high tech society where high levels of conceptual understanding and the ability to think critically, deeply and logically are crucial.