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Kempston Academy

Home School Agreement

Students are expected to follow simple non-negotiable behaviours by choosing to do the right thing; first time, every time. 

Choice and self-regulation are about enabling students to understand that they make a decision when they take an action. We want them to make the right choices, be aspirational and succeed both in school and outside. 

Make the right choice in preparing for school and:

  • Always arrive to school on time
  • Always wear the school uniform and wear it correctly
  • Always have the right equipment or kit
  • Always complete home learning and revision

Make the right choice in school and:

  • Move quietly and quickly around the school to your lessons 
  • Be where you should be when you should be
  • Listen to other students and staff
  • Value others by showing kindness and being polite 
  • Show respect to one another and the school environment
  • Focus on your learning and support others to learn
  • Follow instructions; first time, every time


I/We will seek to:

  • Ensure my/our child goes to Academy regularly, on time, properly equipped and correctly dressed;
  • Work in partnership with the Academy in the promotion of good behaviour by emphasising the importance of my/our child’s responsibilities;
  • Support my/our child with homework and other opportunities for Home-Learning by ensuring that there is a quiet place for him/her to work at home.;
  • Support the Academy homework policy and sign my/our child’s planner at the end of each week to indicate that homework has been completed at home.
  • Contact my/our child’s tutor if there are circumstances or concerns, which may affect his/her work or behaviour;
  • Attend all Parents’ Evenings.  (If this is not possible make alternative arrangements to discuss my/our child’s progress with the relevant staff);
  • If attending Academy Functions obtain permission before using film/digital cameras or video equipment to record student involvement, in line with the Data Protection Act of 1988