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Kempston Academy

Food Technology

Through a variety of ambitious creative and practical activities, pupils at Kempston Academy will be taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage, grow and succeed in the process of designing and making. They will be using textiles and will use a range of domestic and local contexts and industrial contexts, learning everyday practical skills to lead them into adulthood. The intent of our food technology curriculum is to apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating, instilling a love of cooking in all pupils. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill for pupils now and in later life. Throughout their time at school, we aim to encourage independent learning through practical participation enabling students to grow and succeed. The department ensures that our students have a wider understanding of environmental impacts on our choice of foods and why there should be more encouragement to buy in season. Our students learn about multicultural foods and experience how different cultural foods influence our everyday food choices. This enables our students to have a clear understanding of different religions and ethical beliefs and how these have influenced our western lives. Students also have a clear understanding relating to food choices and the impact on the environment relating to food waste.