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Kempston Academy

Personal Development 


Our Personal Development curriculum is based around the school motto of A Place to Grow. It recognises that growth, in many forms, occurs along a students journey through secondary school. Our GROWTH model identifies the development of character and citizenship as key aspects in enabling students to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. 

Curriculum Plans



Tutor Time

Tutor time takes place at the start of the day and is an integral part of a students' day and learning. Form Tutors play an invaluable role in establishing strong pastoral relationships with students and their parents/carers and ensuring that students are ready for the day ahead. 

Alongside registering students, there is a programme throughout the week to support and develop students life skills, careers knowledge and about their wider place in society as a global citizen. We also focus on the importance of reading and give students time to read together, individually or supported by a member of staff. Student planners, uniform and equipment are  checked during this time and any issues resolved before lessons begin. 

A weekly assembly for the whole year group takes place in the main hall and is delivered by Heads of Year, Senior Staff and visiting speakers. This links to the content of the Personal Development Curriculum.

The GROW project of study skills, self-management and building resilience, is linked from tutor time into individual subjects. 

Tutor groups are arranged in blocks so that all of a Year group are together.

 Example Tutor Time Weekly Schedule








GROW project or Reading 


Reading/Weekly praise/Tutee of the week

Heads of Year

Our Heads of Year oversee each Year group and work closely with Form Tutors to support students. They monitor the progress of each student in the Year both behaviourally and academically, communicating with pastoral support staff, heads of subjects and teachers to ensure students are on track.

Mr J Simmonds (Assistant Head), line manages the Heads of Year. 

Key Stage 3 Team

Head of Year 7 and Transition Lead - Mr I Tompkins

7N1 Mrs E Gregory

7N2 Mr M Rushton

7N3 Mrs S Murray

7S1 Mrs G Petronzi

7S2 Mrs C Ross

7S3 Mrs R Judge

Head of Year 8 - Mr M Pritchard

8N1 Mrs E Healy

8N2 Mr C Chikwendu

8N3 Miss L Lambert

8S1 Mr A Buck 

8S2 Mr R Ram

Head of Year 9 - Ms S Fuller

9N1 Mrs D Coman

9N2 Miss T Perkins

9N3 Miss J Walls

9S1 Mrs C Jones   

9S2 Mrs Benga 

Assistant Head of Year KS3 - Miss M Chadd


Key Stage 4 Team

Head of Year 10 – Mr J Piotrowski

10N1 Mrs K Haire

10N2 Mr D Allerton

10N3 Mrs J Miotk

10S1 Miss T Green

10S2 Mr J Kelly

Head of Year 11 – Mr M Guest

11N1 Mr C Brotherston

11N2 Miss R Walkden 

11N3  Ms R Presland and Mr S Sagnia

Key Stage 5 Team

Head of Year - Mrs S Foster

Mr Coakley

Mr Fordham

Mrs Tyler

Ms Holyoake