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Kempston Academy


It is our intention to provide students with an ambitious, varied, and broad curriculum, which encompasses RE, Citizenship and PSHE that is fully accessible and allows students to grow as both students and citizens. RE by its very nature is multi-disciplinary and therefore we aim to have a balanced RE of Theology (learning about religion), Philosophy (deep thinking around the topics studied) and Social Sciences (learning from religion) within RE for students to become independent thinkers, and develop our understanding, appreciation and respect for both their role and the role of beliefs in society whilst becoming religiously literate. Through grounding students in the Abrahamic faiths and main world religions as well as understanding atheism we aim for students to encounter a variety of viewpoints and substantive knowledge and to deepen their religious and non-religious understanding of a variety of topics and issues. We aim for students to also build their disciplinary knowledge by learning from religion through a constructive approach that allows students to interpret their own thoughts and feelings, therefore deepening understanding about themselves. When studying citizenship we aim for students to build substantive knowledge by gaining an understanding of British values and Britishness through democracy, judicial process, multiculturalism and human rights development. By studying other views students build their disciplinary knowledge and overviews of wider debates in the world. When studying PSHE we aim for students to fulfil the requirements of the RSE statutory guidance and for students to grow to  be fully equipped to make the most sensible and successful  decisions when faced with important decisions in the future such as financial planning, healthy lifestyles and various issues they will encounter in adult life.