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Careers Curriculum


Students are taught about careers as part of their PSHE form time offer, which utilises Unifrog with dedicated lessons to careers education. Students all have a unifrog log on and the careers adviser works with every student on ensuring unifrogs features are used to full advantage. All students build a unifrog portfolio which will be used by them to support their future post 16 and beyond options and careers choices
Link to Unifrog: https://www.unifrog.org/

Alongside this, students have input from external speakers, undertake visits, and have further opportunities for employer encounters. We have long-established relationships with local further education establishments and industrial partners. 

Careers Plan and Provider Access Policy

 Our Careers SLT Link is  Mr S Sagnia ssagnia@kempstonacademy.co.uk

Our new Careers Leader is Mrs Lynda Collins lcollins@kempstonacademy.co.uk

Careers Events and Information for Parents and Students



GroFar - online platform

Inspiring students to plan for their future  

We have an on-going commitment to ensuring that all our students have access to good quality impartial careers advice, thereby ensuring that each student has the best possible foundation on which to base their future choices and pathways. In this respect we’re pleased to announce we will now be using an innovative new careers management software called Grofar.

Grofar provides our students access to a range of web-based tools to assist them in their journey through school and towards career choices.  These include tools such as:

  • Careers action planning
  • Skills profiling
  • Research tools
  • Careers diary and events
  • Work experience log book

 Grofar gives students a structured way for them to think about the sort of careers, courses and opportunities that they may wish to pursue in the future. For example, information from the Action Plan combined with the other careers and enterprise activities at our school will build a complete careers “Passport” for each student, helping them find direction as they move through school and into new endeavours.

 Students access their Grofar Student Portal via login details which will be emailed  or handed out to them at school. After attending a careers event, students will be emailed asking them to complete a short feedback form so we can continously improve our careers programme. Grofar is accessible from any computer or smartphone and if you’d like to go through Grofar with your child, please feel free to do so!

 If you would like any more information on Grofar, please visit www.grofar.com.

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